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Meet Kristina Scott, PT

Cellular Exercise: The Fountain of Youth Within You 

               Who hasn’t longed for that magic bullet, the ultimate fountain of youth? What if you could forever feel fit, fun, and young? Whole-Body Vibration Therapy is a tool for maximal wellness. The results are powerful. The technology is real. May you discover the keys to vital health, superior strength, and optimal body shape and self-confidence. May you learn about the positive effects of whole-body vibration therapy at the cellular level, focusing on three key areas including 1) body shape and strength, 2) lymphatic system and detoxification, and 3) therapy for pain and neuromuscular re-education.  Did you know, you may be only 10 minutes per day away from the fountain of youth within you?


Kristina Scott is a licensed Physical Therapist and passionate user and educator for whole-body vibration therapy. Kristina obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Indiana University School of Medicine in 1993, graduating 2nd in her physical therapy class with Honors. Her background includes more than 25 years of experience in health and wellness, helping thousands take one step closer to the fountain of youth within. Kristina has held leadership roles throughout her career functioning as a clinical support advisor and mentoring, teaching and training new therapists and associates. In July of 2012, Kristina founded FIT FUN YOUNG™ in her efforts to positively impact others and inspire perpetual health. Her vision and intention remain…may you forever feel FIT FUN YOUNG™