Pure Heart, Pure Devotion, Pure Surrender to Me - His Love Song to Me

Psalm 46:10

Surrender your anxiety! Be silent and stop your striving and you will see that I Am God. I Am The God above all the nations and I will be exalted throughout the whole earth.


I will be / shall be Exalted Above The Highest Mountain.

Exalted Above ALL things spiritual, physical, financial, spirit, soul, body.

You already know, like you know, like you know I AM is Above All Things.

I AM is with you, inside you.

The Glory of God lives within you, radiates from you.

And changes the world from The Body (plural/ Universal Body) inside out.

The Glory of God working through all of those who have surrendered and submitted themselves to Me. Those who have received and responded to My Lordship.

Proclaim The Good News for all the world to hear.

Help Me to reach the lost that are mine and belong to Me.

I AM guiding you steadfastly and strongly.

Faith in Me and in My Ability to guide you supersedes / trumps all things.

You are My Light.

You are Me shining for all the world to see.

Remember, I AM The Light of The World.

Through Me all things grow brighter.

Through Me all is made new.

Through Me all of Heaven listens to, obeys, and flows through.

Glory to God in The Highest!

You were never lost to Me.

I had you in The Palm of My Hands from before time began.

I would never ever let you go.

For you are Mine, My Loving Bride, from before time began, always and forever.

Your Trust in Me, Your Faith in Me, Your Love for Me brought you into My Will for this life here on earth.

You surrendered all to Me from before time began.

And I purified Your Heart anew.

The Purity of Your Heart is clean, totally clean through Me.

Blessed are the Pure in Heart for they shall see God.

They shall see Me in all of creation.

This is you.

Pure Heart.

Pure Devotion.

Pure Surrender to Me and My Will for all eternity.

I Love you deeply, fully, completely.



Father, Praise You, The God Above All Nations! Holy is Your Name! Praise You and Thank You that You are The Light of The World!  Praise You and Thank You for making all things brighter and making all things new. Thank You for purified, clean, new hearts In Christ. Father, I pray for all to surrender their anxiety to You. I pray for all to see that You are God, The One and Only True God. I pray for all to surrender and submit themselves to you. To receive and to respond to Your Lordship. Jesus Is Lord! May all respond to Your Lordship! I pray for The Body of Christ to be Jesus for all the world to see. I pray for all to submit to and be brought into Your Will for this life on earth. I pray for pure hearts, pure devotion, and pure surrender to You and Your Will for all eternity. Glory to God in the Highest! Praise His Holy Name! In Jesus name, Amen.