Only You - My Love Song to Him

Psalm 106:1 (NLT)  Praise the LORD! Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.


Jesus I love you!

My heart is fixed on you to praise you and to bless Your Holy Name.

My heart's desire is you. To praise you in the morning. To praise you in the evening. To praise you every moment of every day. To bless you and to thank you.

To praise you for the sun rising. To praise you for the sun setting. To praise you because You are good. Oh so good to me. And oh so good to all.

O that I may praise you and thank you and gaze upon Your Beauty continually.

To exalt you above all. For you are above all.

Your Glory Your Goodness Your Presence all around. Thank you for always being with me. For living within me.

Your Faithful Love drawing me to you and never ending. 

Only You are Faithful and True.

Your love never fails. Steadfast and pure. I am holding on to you.

There is none like You.

Your Covenant will you not break nor alter the thing that has gone from Your Lips. 

Faithful and True. 

Only You.

O Jesus how I love you!


 Father, Praise you for Your Goodness. You are Good and only Good. Holy is Your Name. Praise you for your steadfast love. Father I pray for steadfast love to draw those to You who belong to You. I pray for Your Goodness to lead those to repentance that they may turn to you and cling to you forevermore. Father I pray you draw the lost, the frightened, the confused, the searching, the hurting. I pray You draw them all to you that You may give them Your Salvation, Your Goodness, Your Healing, Your Peace, Your Joy, Your Faithful Love that endures forever. Praise you for You are Faithful and True and Love Eternal. In Jesus name, Amen