Confident Trust - His Love Song to Me

Psalm 112:7 (NLT) They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust The Lord to care for them.


Rest in Me.

Always Rest in Me.

I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life for you every day.

Every day Blessings. No more cursing ever.

Newfound Grace, Newfound Favor every single day.

I always help you in your time of need.

I am always with you now and forevermore.

Resting in Me is Trusting in Me.

Trusting in My Will for your life.

Trusting in My Provision despite circumstances.

And joying and rejoicing all the way through.

Rejoice, I take all pain from you.

I carry every burden for you.

Cast all cares upon me and walk in, rest in steadfast trust and confidence.

I am God Almighty.

See Me as big as I am and rejoice in it.

There is no place for fear. Your old man is dead.

There is only space in you for Me and My Love for you.

I love you my true love bride.

Many Blessings for you always and forever.



Holy Father, thank you for Your Supremacy. Thank you, You are bigger than all things, greater than all things and You know all things. I rejoice in your Excellency, Your Supremacy. You are ruling and reigning over all. You are possessor of Heaven and Earth. There is nothing too difficult for you. You are Trustworthy. You are Faithful. You always know what is best for me. I love you and surrender all to You. Trusting in You. Believing in You. For You alone are Worthy to be Praised. Thank you for Your Perfect Plan and Purpose for my life. I surrender, submit, commit, and yield to You and Your Wisdom, Your Word, Your Will, Your Way, and Your Day. With steadfast trust and confidence, I rest in You. Father, thank you, there is nothing ever to fear because I have You. I love You and thank you. Your care for me is perfect in every way. You are a good, good Father in Whom I trust.