Clothe Yourself With Humility - His Love Song to Me

1 Peter 5:6-7 (NIV) 

6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. 

7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.


Humbling is like crucifying yourself daily.

Daily acknowledging me as Savior, Lord, God Almighty, bigger and better than all things.

Bowing your knee, on your knees Exalting, Praising, Honoring, Worshipping Me above all things.

See me as Big and Powerful and Kind as I am.

My Love for you, in you, and on you, blesses you, uplifts you, and exalts you to greater and greater glories.

As you learn and experience resting in My Almightiness, the world around you will bow the knee to me.

The circumstances you see will bow the knee to Me.

It will be evident without any doubt that you belong to Me, are Loved by Me, are Healed by Me, are Joyous because of Me.

That every good thing in you and in your life is because of me.

My Power is Your Power as you rest and cast your care upon Me.

New Glories, New Hopes, New Experiences, New Encounters with Me and My Glory.

You have All Grace to finish this race Victoriously through Me.

All of Heaven is backing you every moment of every day.

Legions of angels.

My Power, My Might, My Victory are yours as you humble yourself.

Clothe yourself with Humility.

Put on Humility every day, every moment and watch My Glory abound in all your circumstances.

This is how I designed it.

So you never ever need feel burdened in any way.

Faith and Trust in Me is The Key that unlocks your Greater Glories.

Rest in Me.

Exalt Me, and Trust in Me and My Way will Abound and Astonish.

Love, Love, Love.

Rest, Rest, Rest.

Peace, Peace, Peace.

And know like you know like you know I've got you always and forever.

You are mine.

Peace, Be Still.




Father, Praise You and Thank You for sending Jesus, our Savior and perfect model of Humility. Father, Praise You and Thank You for The Gift of The Holy Spirit within all believers that is transforming us into the image of Jesus. Father, I pray that through The Holy Spirit within us, that you empower us daily to clothe ourselves with Humility. I ask for an empowering Grace of Humility for every believer to put on Humility daily and to exalt Our God Most High above all things and above all circumstances. Father, empower us to see situations and circumstances from Your Place of Victory. The Victory that You have already provided. Help us to rest in Your Almightiness, far above and victorious over all things. Help us to love one another as You love us. Help us to exalt You and to place all of our Faith and Trust in You and You alone. Help us to cast all anxiety and all care upon You that we never feel burdened. Praise You and Thank You that we have the ability to never ever feel burdened in any way! Praise You and Thank You for taking all burdens and all care and all anxiety and giving us your Love and Your Peace. Praise You for Your Love! Praise You for Your Peace! Praise You for Your Almightiness! Praise You for Your Goodness! In Jesus name, Amen