Abundant Life - My Love Song to Him

John 10:10 (NKJ) The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.


Jesus, I love you!

Thank you, Father, that You are good and only good.

Thank you, Father that You are The Light and in You there is no darkness at all.

Thank you, Father that You never change.

You are always and only Good.

Thank you, Father that everything You do is for me and is for the benefit of my heart, my soul, and my mind because you love me.

Thank you, Father that you are a joyful Father who delights in me and joys over me with dancing and singing! 

Thank you, Father that you came to give me life and life more abundantly.

Thank you, Father that You are Eternal Life and that Eternal Life is relationship with You, now on earth and forevermore in Heaven.

Thank you, Father that Your Resurrection Life lives within me and overcomes all things.

Thank you, Father that You defeated the enemy who comes only to steal, to kill, and to destroy and I share that victory in You.

Thank you, Father that You are Creator and Possessor of all things. All of Heaven and Earth are yours. You are a God of Abundance full and overflowing and You have freely given Your Abundance to me now and forevermore.

Thank you, Father that I am your precious beloved daughter in whom you are well pleased.

Thank you, Father that I have life and I have it more abundantly because I have You and Your love for me too.


 Father, I pray that all of those who belong to You choose You. That they choose Life and follow You and walk in Your Abundant Life that you freely give. That they see the enemy for who he is and that they turn away from him and that they turn to You and choose You. I pray that they choose Abundant Life every day. That they may come come to know You. That they may have Life. That they may have deep relationship with You who gives them life. That they may know that You are only Good and only Light and that You never change. That they may know that you are pleased with them, delight in them and that you love them. In Jesus name, Amen