Professional Vibra-Therapy - bright-eyes-life
Professional Vibra-Therapy - bright-eyes-life

Professional Vibra-Therapy

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Professional Gym-Quality Features

Our Professional Vibra Therapy machine has all that you expect from a gym-quality exercise machine. Equipped with Pivotal vibration movement, a full digital display that shows the number of vibrations, speed levels (1-50), how many calories burned, distance traveled and much more. The side support rails are durable and strong to help maintain balance. This model also includes detachable arm straps for strengthening and massage of the arms and shoulders. It also comes with wheels, so you can roll it effortlessly.

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Stay Fit, Fun and Young! With these videos on how to get the most out of your Whole body Vibration Machine!

Whole Body Vibration Machines are drop-shipped directly to customer from Health & Beauty Connection, LLC

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