Focused Life-Force Energy


Do you believe in the power of prayer? The power of angels? The healing power of God? 

I certainly do.

My focus is to personally commune with the one true Healer, Jesus continuously throughout the day.  And, certainly nothing can replace your personal relationship with God.

For me, FLFE (Focused Life-Force Energy) provides an additional angel continuously praying for me and those around me both in my home and remotely via my phone when I travel. 

FLFE provides positive prayer (positive declarative statements) with estimated equivalency of 1000s of people praying 24/7 with specific life-enhancing, healing prayers. 

How Does Prayer Work

FLFE provides me with added peace of mind that I am doing all I can do to positively influence negative energies including but not limited to consciousness-lowering Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs). 

Read evidence from a variety of experiments here.

It is important to me that FLFE benefits those around me including my family, my friends, and even those I encounter throughout my day. 

I appreciate and value that FLFE helps to harmonize, mitigate, transform and transmute negative energies into positive life-affirming and uplifting energies.

FLFE provides a peaceful, life-enhancing bubble for my home and my phone. 

Focused Life-Force Energy

I feel good knowing that when I travel, FLFE mobile follows me everywhere I go, not only benefiting me and my health, but also those around me.

I view FLFE as an extra God-sent angel protecting and uplifting my home and environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

I also love that FLFE offers free 15-day trials so that you may experience the value for yourself. You can turn FLFE on and off to further experience the positive, life-enhancing benefits of FLFE. 

I encourage you to sign up for your free 15-day FLFE trial today (no credit card required).


May the Lord Bless You and Protect you. May the Lord Smile on you and be Gracious to you. May the Lord show you His Mercy and give you His Peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

-Kristina Scott, PT


Focused Life-Force Energy